Another Pretentious Beer Glass

Photo Credit: Aaron N. Tubbs

Another Pretentious Beer Glass

I was touched to get glasses from the Pretentious Beer Glass Company for Christmas, as I’ve previously discussed. Turns out there was more in store; my good friend also got me a four pack of their Dual Glass. The idea behind the glass is simple enough: It’s made for two-beer cocktails, and provides the function of keeping said beers separate until consumption.

A snakebite, if ever there was one.

In short, it works. The Dual glass, as it’s called, is a cylinder with a sheet of glass roughly subdividing the interior volume. The divider only comes about 2/3 of the way up the glass, but this makes a lot of sense. Drinking from the glass if the divider were higher would be an exercise in advanced laundry techniques. Much lower and it would be hard to keep the beers separate.

This is a clever glass. Beyond just being easier than pouring a proper Black and Tan or Half and Half, delaying the mixing of the beers until approximately the moment of consumption is pretty neat. Better still, one can inhale the combined aroma, or just the aroma of one or the other beers. Finally, combining two beers of similar densities isn’t a problem. This is more novel than may be immediately obvious.

The previous five glasses vary in their efficacy and position on the form/function curve, but this glass is as functional as they get. It accomplishes the function with style, and I’m a huge fan.

Of note, the models I received all had relatively vertical dividers. These are quite a bit less glamorous and elegant looking than the sample models. At the same time, these are trivial to clean, and I imagine the highly-twisted and rotated designs pictured are quite the opposite: A pragmatic adjustment if ever there was one, and one I certainly appreciate the morning after!