Pretentious Bourbon Glass Company

Photo Credit: Aaron N. Tubbs

Pretentious Bourbon Glass Company

The Pretentious Beer Glass Company is now making Bourbon glasses. I had no interest in their wobbly glass (not a gimmick I enjoy) nor the skeuomorphic jug style glassware, but I Found the “New-Fashioned Neat” and “Artisan” style Bourbon glasses quite appealing.

The New-Fashioned Neat glass has a design similar to the Sauvin Glass. The major difference is that it’s a fraction of the size and thickness. It is designed to accommodate an ounce or three of Bourbon, with or without some water. Like the Sauvin glass, it’s designed to allow easy warming of the beverage and to provide a tulip for developing and focusing aromas.

The new neat glass has plenty of room, good ergonomics, and a nice globe for aromatic development.

A matching water jug is made available that is well-sized, if a little generous for the amount of water actually needed to top off the Bourbon (or Scotch or whatnot).

The matching water pitcher is rather nicely proportioned.

Unlike most of the beer glassware, these Bourbon glasses are much thinner. They are not, however, as thin as fine crystal rocks glasses and so forth. On the upside, these glasses are not delicate and don’t need to be treated gently.

They are comfortable in large hands, but perhaps a little small. They are more comfortable than a shot glass, but a little awkward just the same.

Not bad vessel for a small manhattan.

Of a completely different design is the Artisan glass. It is somewhat more delicate than the New-Fashioned Neat. It fits well in the hand and has a great shape and texture. Unlike many “rocks” glasses, it is appropriately sized for a serving of brown liquor or a small cocktail pour.

These are purportedly made in a “Venetian” style, a method that is rather difficult.

Fits a 55mm sphere quite nicely.

Also convenient is that this glass perfectly accommodates a 55mm ice sphere.

I don’t know that I am quite as fond of these glasses as I am the beer glasses, for their purpose. With that said, they are rather novel and would make a nice gift.